Bob Deacon is a Sydney based comic/musician/actor etc.  Bob has performed comedy festival shows including the Sydney Comedy Festival, Adelaide Fringe Festival and Sydney Fringe Comedy Festival.  His comedy style has been described as being very dry like the tops of the levee banks surrounding the small country town of Nyngan that he grew up in.  He brings music and knowledge to his shows.  


Bob has acted in around half a dozen films, web-series and TV shows.  And has several theatre and musical theatre credits.          

Bob also thinks he is a multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter usually playing the guitar, ukulele, harmonica and a little bit of saxophone when his inner-city neighbours are away.  If you said "Hey Bob, what's your muscial style?", he'd probably say something like "Probably like folky, bluesy, indie old-country with a slice of 90's pop".